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"Whenever you wish to do anything against the law, consult a good solicitor first." - George Bernard Shaw

Practice Areas

Our practice serves the following areas of law:

Family Law

is about property settlement and solving issues about children. This term includes couples who are De Facto and Same Sex. A Divorce is a separate procedure altogether and an application can only be made after a minimum of 12 months separation (which can be under one roof).

10 things you may not know about family law (with thanks to HHG Legal Group)

Searle law divorce party Divorce Party! Deb with happy clients.


is a general term which includes personal insolvency which is called bankruptcy and company bankruptcy which means the company is insolvent. Trustees are for bankruptcy and Liquidators are for companies. We advise on all these issues as well as advising directors on their position. Call us if you think you might be in danger.

Contracts / Agreements

can be anything from leases, agreements to sell businesses, or something in writing to confirm a deal. We can design them for you or help you if you already have one but it hasn't worked out.

Searle law practice areas


is agreements to buy or sell properties including strata title units. You need a contract before you can advertise your property for sale.

Employment Law

includes advising you on a contract of employment for a new job or taking action for you if the new job doesn't work out.

Commercial Litigation

includes court proceedings or settling disputes before court proceedings start. The subject matter of the dispute can be almost anything. The subject matter and the amount of money involved govern which court or tribunal your dispute is going. The aim is to settle the dispute before it goes to any court or, if that can't be done, then to settle it while it is in court on advantageous terms to you.

Criminal Law

includes things you might not consider crimes such as traffic offences, drink driving, and AVOs. We can help you with any of these charges.

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