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Deborah Searle

Deborah has in excess of 30 years' experience as a practising solicitor. She is recognised as a senior player in the legal profession, having served 6 years as an elected councillor of the Law Society of NSW. Deborah has chaired numerous legal policy making bodies, including the Law Society's Family Law, Litigation, and Membership committees and served as a director and Deputy Chairman of the College of Law.

Her work in the policy making arena provides her with an additional level of insight into the legal process beyond that of most practitioners – an advantage that serves her clients well.

Having worked at partner level for medium and large firms that bore a scary resemblance to factories, Deborah wanted to break the mould and start a different style of law firm – one that measured success in terms of happy clients and staff rather than hours billed although payments are most welcome to keep the party going!

She therefore struck out on her own and started Searle & Associates in 1998 with one secretary, one pen, and one PC. There's a lot more of everything now, proof (if it was needed) that her alternative view of what a law firm should be about resonated with a lot of clients.

Unlike many lawyers, Deborah had more than 15 years working and owning businesses in other areas before entering law – including yacht chartering in the Philippines, building yachts in Taiwan, working in a recording studio in London, and editing an encyclopedia. Whilst her talents as a back- up singer are rarely utilised by clients, her eclectic background enables her to relate to all comers at a personal level.

In short, Deborah has a rare combination of in depth legal expertise, a reputation as a tiger when it comes to looking after the interests of her clients, and an uncanny understanding of human nature.

The success of her long term strategies in complex cases has led many of her clients to swear that she can see into the future!