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About Searle & Associates

Lateral thinking is the key to solving complex problems. Specialist expertise is handy too! We have both.

We take your issues over and fix them for you. Lawyers are traditionally supposed to be dispassionate and are told not to get personally involved. We disagree with that. Your issues are our issues. We get personally involved with you, and we fight your corner with a passion.

Of course, we are still polite and professional with the people and lawyers on the other side of your issue and in court because that's how we win – and winning is what we do.

We don't advertise because we don't need to. We get repeat business from our clients, referrals from them to new clients, and many referrals from other lawyers who recognise and respect our expertise and approach. That tells us we are delivering the goods.

Call us to help you.

Deborah Searle

Deborah with 30 years of experience is recognised as a senior player in the legal profession, having served 6 years as an elected councillor of the Law Society of New South Wales.

“Dear Deborah

I cannot thank you enough for our conversation the other day. It was not only enlightening but also what I needed to bring me out of my grief and into the realms of reality.

Kind regards